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Global Gadgets - by William 

Hi, my name is William. I am 12 years old and I like pizza & waffles. While we are travelling I hope to post a blog every week and talk about a little toy or machine/novelty item.  Our first stop is in Japan and they are famous for their technology. I hope you enjoy this and do not get bored.

Japanese Vending machines


Today I will review the worlds most annoying machine; vending machines. They're thingamajigs that give you candy, soft drink and pretty much any snack. 

However, many vending machines in the world are annoying because they rip you off candy letting it get stuck. Inevitably this leaves the person frustrated or annoyed and release their rage by kicking and screaming wildly at the machine as if it was a rock concert. 

But strangely, in Japan the only things vending machines serve up are beverages. >: (  Although you can hot and cold drinks such as soft drink and hot chocolate & for adults... BEER, from the SAME vending machine!!!!!! WOAH!

But the best thing is Japanese vending machines NEVER get their stuff stuck!

4/5 Straws


Hello to the people who still watch this blog despite there never being anything on here. Anyway after a 10 months I'm ready to start this blog again anyway here is the gadget


Have you ever got bored of kitchen appliances ruining the atmosphere of your magnificent kitchen? Do you have a toaster, grill, toaster, blender, microwave, oven, fridge and many other kitchen appliances cluttering up your kitchen in ways you cannot stop?

Well if you have why not try this all new grill/oven/toaster/microwave to give your kitchen an airier free feel to it? Now you can have a simple small white box in the place of half your appliances. Order tomorrow today!

(Ad break over)

any way we use this thing to heat up our food and toast our bread unfortunately I don't have a picture of this magnificent device because I originally wrote the ad for this quite a few months ago but it was a small white grill about the size of a toaster

3/5 straws

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